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Professional Services


Because spirituality and diversity are such broad and ever-changing subjects, we would love to assist you in creating curriculum that helps to address the needs of your community and organization. Our research and hands on approach have been proven extremely valuable and successful with other organizations, companies and educational audiences. We assist with evaluating your needs and your audience to help you deliver programming that addresses your expectations in safe and productive spaces.


We have designed sessions that encompass spirituality and diversity that are appropriate for all audiences including youth. Some of our favorites are Intro to Unconscious Bias, Telling Your Story, and The Journey to Worthiness. We would love to share with your community and organization while setting safe and conducive spaces for everyone involved.

Soul Care & Coaching

We have experienced and professional coaches and pastoral counselors who have dedicated their lives to assisting clients become well, conscious and self-aware on their journey to wholeness. Counseling and coaching sessions that bring spirituality and psychology together in a way that is helpful for the client in hopes of holistic development (large and small groups available). Sessions are available in-person and virtually. Accommodations made based on requests.

How We Do

Living the mission of Your Soul Care Community

The Conversation
This is a safe space where we witness the power of dialogue that can heal, reveal, provoke, engage and establish community. This gathering is truly the foundation of our organization.
Community Service
We are committed to creating community by assisting our local and regional neighbors with basic human needs. The journey to wholeness begins on the most basic levels of our humanity.
The Retreat
YSCC retreat is dedicated to the care of one’s self and soul. It is an opportunity to practice what we teach as well as develop new and innovative opportunities to meet the needs of our community.

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